Do Not Disturb

Type of Technology: Cell phone application.
Target Audience: Apple iPhone users.
Manufacturer and Country of Origin: Apple (USA)
Availability: Do Not Disturb is free and it is only available to iPhone users.
Means of Activation: The application automatically engages on newly purchased iPhones. Choosing ‘Activate’ allows users to choose how they would like Do Not Disturb to be activated while they are driving.

The iPhone stays silent and the screen stays dark. Persons sending a message to the user receive an automatic reply to indicates that the user is driving. For urgent messages, the sender can type the word “urgent” to ensure that the user receives a notification. The user can then pull over to read this important message or ask Siri to read it aloud. Do Not Disturb can deliver some notifications (e.g. emergency alerts, timers, and alarms). For those who use Maps to navigate, the iPhone provides lock-screen navigation help while giving turn-by-turn instructions.

Restrictions: Parents of young drivers can prevent these users from making changes to the application while they are driving to ensure that Do Not Disturb continues to reinforce young drivers’ safe driving habits.
Disengagement: If someone still needs to contact the user, they can override Do Not Disturb by sending "urgent" as an additional message. Passengers trying to use their iPhones while the application is active must tap ‘I'm Not Driving’ to disengage Do Not Disturb.