Type of Technology: Cell phone application.
Target Audience: Young drivers and their parents.
Manufacturer and Country of Origin: LifeSaver (USA)
Availability: The application is free but the user must have a data plan with LifeSaver.
Means of Activation: The application activates automatically.

LifeSaver runs silently in the background and is transparent to users when they are not driving. This application uses the latest techniques to minimize battery consumption. On iPhone, LifeSaver allows for Navigation Maps (Apple) and hands free calls outside the iPhone’s passcode lock screen. On Android the application also allows for hands free calls and Navigation without blocking with Google Maps or Waze.

On Android, LifeSaver automatically blocks incoming calls and on iPhones, it shows a ‘Keep your eyes on the road’ notification on the driver’s smartphone while the car is in motion.

LifeSaver offers a rewards system within its Driver Portal. Parents can setup monthly rewards which are tied to safer, non-distracted driving. The Driver Portal scores these rewards automatically. Parents choose rewards that work for their teen driver and LifeSaver provides the scoring and notifications. LifeSaver may also sponsor rewards through other programs such as Such rewards are handled separately on a program by program basis.

Restrictions: The application automatically locks the phone while the driver is driving.
Disengagement: When the car stops moving, Lifesaver unlocks the phone. There is a feature that allows parents to unlock a phone when their son/daughter is a passenger.