Mobile App

Type of Technology: Text and call blocking system
Target Audience: Commercial vehicle drivers
Manufacturer and Country of Origin: Cellcontrol (USA).
Availability: Must be purchased. Dependent upon number of drivers covered.
Means of Activation: The application is activated by the manager, using the activation code.

This application enables managers to eliminate driver access to texts, email, handheld calls, games and any other inappropriate app usage, while allowing mission-critical applications through the system.

Auto-response settings to texts and iMessages enable the driver to tell the manager he/she is driving and will respond upon reaching the destination. Incoming calls are sent to voice mail or a driver can respond to calls using hands-free Bluetooth calls.

The application can detect phones within the vehicle and disable all phones or only phones in the driver’s area.

Restrictions: Dependent upon the company.
Disengagement: The application can be set to give different employees different levels of protection.