Toyota Safety Systems (TSS-C) Pre-Collision System (PCS)

Type of Technology: Forward collision warning system.
Target Audience: All drivers of Toyota passenger vehicles.
Manufacturer and Country of Origin: Toyota
Availability: Standard feature in 2018 versions of Prius c, Yaris HB.
Means of Activation: PCS is activated if the vehicle is in danger of colliding with another vehicle.

First of all, if the vehicle is moving a speed of greater than 10 km/h, a warning is given. Secondly, if the vehicle is travelling at a speed between 30-80 km/h, PCS has a brake assist function to slow the vehicle to 30 km/h. Lastly, if the driver does not react, PCS provides automatic braking. The driver is in full control of the vehicle. The PCS warning can be adjusted.

Disengagement: This application can be disabled. However, PCS defaults to ‘on’.