Curbing distracted driving: 2010 survey of state safety programs

Vermette, E.
Governor’s Highway Safety Association

The Governor’s Highway Safety Association conducted a survey to examine what states are doing outside of legislation to address and mitigate distracted driving. Fifty states, D.C., American Samoa and Guam responded to the survey.

Results showed that distracted driving has emerged as a priority for state Highway Safety Offices and that states have improved their data collection efforts. Additionally, there was a focus on efforts to educate novice drivers as well as pass laws to address distracted driving. Overall, results of the survey indicated that states are actively working to minimize rates of distracted driving by implementing legislation, educating drivers on the risks of distracted driving, and using high-visibility enforcement.

Vermette, E. (2010). Curbing distracted driving: 2010 survey of state safety programs.