Distracted driving countermeasures for commercial vehicles

Bishop, R., Bergoffen, G., Murray, D., Lueck, M., and Bowman, D.
National Academies Press

The report summarized the state of research and practice with the objective of examining both distractions, as well as any protective (safety enhancing) effects of particular devices. This US literature review contained information about the following topics:

  • the nature of distracted driving;
  • driver tasks unique to professional drivers;
  • countermeasure technologies and their effectiveness; and,
  • operational strategies and recommended practice.

Following a review of the literature, authors surveyed (how many) fleet managers to understand their perspective on distracted driving, and the types of countermeasures they have implemented to reduce distracted driving in the workplace. Results revealed that there is a fine line between removing unnecessary distractions from the truck cab and leaving drivers with enough resources to remain alert and stimulated.

Overall, authors concluded that there is a need to better understand the ways that different types of distractions affect driving performance in order to improve the efficacy of countermeasures in triggering monitoring devices.

Bishop, R., Bergoffen, G., Murray, D., Lueck, M., and Bowman, D. (2011). Distracted Driving Countermeasures for Commercial Vehicles (Vol. 24). Transportation Research Board.