Distracted driving: So what’s the big picture?

Robertson, R.D.
Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF)

This literature review published by TIRF shared a broad overview of distracted driving including causes of distracted driving, the magnitude of the problem, actions governments are taking to reduce distracted driving, and the status of legislation in North America. The review highlighted that distracted driving is a cause of concern and attention as it ranks among priority road safety issues in terms of its role and prevalence in crashes, and the number of road fatalities and injuries resulting from distraction. Research shows the level of crash risk increases in relation to certain forms of distraction. In addition, effects of distraction are particularly pronounced among younger drivers, although they span all age groups and may also be a larger issue for elderly drivers. To date, significant efforts have been made and continue to raise awareness about distracted driving.

In order to reduce the risk of distracted driving this review concluded that a much broader approach is needed that includes other types of distraction. It should also include evidence-based educational initiatives that leverage existing knowledge about social norms and ways to shape them to reduce distracted driving.

Robertson, R. (2011). Distracted Driving: So What’s the Big Picture?. Traffic Injury Research Foundation.