Distraction and Inattention Countermeasure Technologies

Victor, T.
SAGE Publications

This European literature review described and reviewed net attention-improving technologies for drivers. Technologies within four categories were explored; driving phase, type of countermeasure (prevention or mitigation), nature of intervention (active during driving or not), and performance feedback (provided or not).

The author provided information about sixteen different technology-based countermeasures that were assigned to the four categories mentioned above. Some of these countermeasures included integration, hard function lockouts, interaction managers, information scheduling, adaptive function lockouts, adaptive information format, performance feedback, visual distraction alert, cognitive distraction alert, hazard alert, collision warning, and driving performance alert. As a whole, it was highlighted that research and innovation was very active and that while there were many countermeasure products available, there was little consensus regarding which real-time distraction countermeasure functions were the most effective and useful.

Victor, T. (2011). Distraction and Inattention Countermeasure Technologies. Ergonomics in Design, 19(4), 20-22.