Distraction in traffic: A literature review

Stelling, A. and Hagenzieker, M. P.
The Netherlands Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV)

The objective of this literature review undertaken by SWOV was to summarize known facts about the problem of distraction among drivers (of passenger cars, trucks and buses), cyclists and pedestrians in relation to road safety. The review contained an overview of different distraction sources that drivers may encounter. It revealed that distraction affects driver performance with respect to essential features of driving such as lane positioning, reaction times, and driving speed. Authors discussed some of the knowledge gaps that remain within the literature, and encouraged future research to investigate ways that different sources of distraction influence crash risk. Addressing these knowledge gaps is critical to inform the development of effective countermeasures to reduce distracted driving.

Stelling, A., & Hagenzieker, M. P. (2012). Distraction in traffic; A literature review (Vol. 2012, No. 4).60. The Netherlands Institute for Road Safety Research (SWOV)