Impact of education and awareness program on the usage and attitude towards texting while driving among young drivers

Maheshwari, S., and D’Souza, K.A.

The objective of this US study was to examine the effectiveness of driver education and PSAs as tools to increase education and awareness among young, college-aged drivers about the risks associated with texting and driving. As part of this study, two separate education and awareness programs were created using input from young drivers. There were 72 participants in this study who were randomly selected and assigned to one of three groups that included an awareness group that received a 60-minute PSA, an education group that received a presentation by a police officer, and a control group. Pre- and post-test measures were collected to assess attitudes regarding texting and driving among participants. Overall, study results showed that college-aged students believed texting was safe as long as they were careful about it. In addition, results suggested that PSA and education tools had an impact on participants’ perceptions about the safety of texting while driving; it did not affect their actions. Authors concluded that future research studies should examine the effects of repeated PSA and/or education sessions on college-aged drivers.

Maheshwari, S. K., & D’Souza, K. A. (2014). Impact of education and awareness programs on the usage and attitude towards texting while driving among young drivers. Hampton University, Eastern Seaboard Intermodal Transportation Applications Center.