Preventable injuries/fatalities due to distracted driving: A call for a coordinated action

Bowman, K. and Robertson, R. D.
Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy

This article contained a call to action for health practitioners to help address distracted driving. It provided an example of how interdisciplinary partnerships can help reduce preventable, life-altering injuries/deaths caused by distracted driving. An environmental scan in 2014 of activities in Canada across organizations to reduce distracted driving described five target areas that required attention. These five areas included: provincial/territorial government strategies, enforcement, data collection and measurement, awareness campaigns, and legislation. Following the description of each target area in which types of initiatives are summarized is a Call for Action that highlighted ways that organizations in each of these areas can strengthen their actions to prevent distracted driving. To conclude, this review underscored the importance of establishing multi-sectoral partnerships, access to credible data, and creative awareness campaigns to help change social norms and to change behaviour.

Bowman, K., & Robertson, R. D. (2016). Preventable injuries/fatalities due to distracted driving: a call for a coordinated action.