The building blocks of driver distraction policy

McGehee, D. V.
SAGE Publications

In this US literature review, the five building blocks that are necessary to translate evidence-based research into policy were described. The five building blocks included market-driven forces, government regulators, national and international standards, local, state, and federal laws, and enforcement. It was argued that road safety polices that incorporated these building blocks could effectively reduce the number of crashes, injuries, and fatalities resulting from distracted driving. Importantly, the author noted that while rigorous data collection and analysis was crucial to advance policy, it was equally imperative to summarize the results of this research in user-friendly language for a general public audience, so they would be able to easily understand results that were not replete with scientific jargon.

McGehee, D. V. (2011). The Building Blocks of Driver Distraction Policy. Ergonomics in Design, 19(4), 25-27.