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INTERACTIVE  workplace safety seminars and
youth presentations are now available

Drop It And Drive® (DIAD) delivers both corporate seminars and youth presentations (programs now available for all grades) and are also frequent keynote speakers at safety conferences.

Corporate seminars are customized to the environment, features and context of your specific workplace. Seminars are structured to be thought-provoking and interactive to maximize learning across administrators, managers, frontline workers and drivers. Science and real-life stories are shared to motivate safer behaviours in the workplace and at home, and participants are provided with practical strategies and tools to minimize distractions behind the wheel. Learn more.

Youth presentations tailored to younger audiences are also available and can be delivered as stand-alone events or in conjunction with a corporate seminar at no additional cost. Since 2010, DIAD has presented to more than 60,000 workers and youth across North America. Learn more.

This 2-minute video is an example of one of the interactive exercises we use to help drivers understand the effects of distraction on the road.