Distracted Driving Corporate Training

Enhance your Distracted Driving Policy with Education

If a distracted driving policy has not yet been created for your workplace, DIAD can engage staff at all levels to recognize potential risks, facilitate discussion, and create a solid foundation to guide policy development.

If a policy is in place, but more work is needed to implement and reinforce it through day-to-day operational practices, the DIAD team can work with managers and staff to identify achievable improvements and share tools and strategies to build on existing practices. Download our 2-page brochure to review & share.

Key features of a corporate seminar include:

  • Describe new concepts to differentiate between visual, manual, auditory and cognitive distractions;
  • Demonstrate the science of distraction and its impact on cognitive functions;
  • Define the scope of distraction-related activities and the impact of distraction on the workforce;
  • Address risk management in relation to workplace distractions;
  • Raise awareness that collisions are preventable and not “accidents,” and that drivers are responsible for choices made at the wheel;
  • Re-define safe driving belief systems and transition experienced, complacent drivers towards increased understanding, acceptance and compliance;
  • Share vital information in an engaging, professional, non-confrontational manner;
  • Explore differences in learning styles and preferred training tools for new workers (Millennial generation) versus the current workforce; and,
  • Discuss best practices and provide workers and supervisors with the facts and evidence to implement or adjust workplace policies to increase worker and community safety.

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Meet our team of presenters:

Workplace safety in-person seminar or virtual webinar

Customized seminars are structured to be thought-provoking, interactive and promote dialogue to maximize learning across administrators, managers, frontline workers and drivers. TIRF’s Knowledge Transfer model is applied to the development of interactive exercises for both in-person and virtual audiences.

Pre- and post-surveys are used to identify issues, trends and measure change. DIAD works with employers to make the workplace safer and protect the health of their workforce. Their experienced speakers help increase understanding of the types of distractions that are present in your workplace and the risks they pose.

DIAD works with employers to make the workplace safer and protect the health of their workforce.

This 2-minute video is an example of one of the interactive exercises we use to help drivers understand the effects of distraction on the road.

DIAD offers thought-provoking, interactive workplace safety programs